U2 Fans Accidentally Buy Good Music In Record Store Day Mix-Up

A mix-up during Record Store Day on Saturday saw U2 fans receive a copy of a Tool EP instead of the Irish band’s 2014 LP Songs Of Innocence.

As Fact points out, several UK buyers of a special vinyl pressing of Songs Of Innocence were surprised when they found that the vinyl inside was actually Tool’s 1992 EP Opiate.

It was first reported by fan Dianne Delahunty on Twitter, who noticed that the U2 LP was a lot shorter than usual. It’s unknown whether this was simply a mishap or whether someone acted switched the records.

There’s a slight hint of irony in all this given that U2 snuck the album into unwilling participant’s iTunes when it was released last year.

One observant user on Twitter noted, “I can see why U2 fans feel shortchanged getting a Tool EP instead of their U2 album. They normally get four tools for the price of one.”

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