Sharon Strzelecki And Kim Kardashian West Appearing In An Uber Eats Ad Together Is Peak 2019

Welp, here’s something I’m unsure anyone saw coming.

Magda Szubanski has reprised her iconic Kath & Kim role as Sharon Strzelecki for an Uber Eats commercial, starring alongside Kimmy.

Uh, Kim Kardashian West, that is.

Depicting the unlikely duo as netball teammates lounging around in their uniforms, the commercial sees Sharon and West announcing what they’ll be eating that night.

To that end, there is something truly bizarre about seeing multi-millionaire West staring dead-eyed at the camera and explaining that she’ll be having a “Chicken schnitty with chips and chicken salt” for dinner that evening while wearing a netball bib.

Elsewhere in the video, Sharon struggles in her attempts to teach KKW how to pronounce the word “nice” correctly – “N-I-C-E, noiiiiice.” After Shaz points out that it rhymes with “oice”, “roice”, “pine lime sploice” and “moice”, West replies “I literally have no idea what you’re saying.”

Anyway, it’s all very strange, and actually a fairly accurate symbol of our times. You can watch the clip below should your heart desire.

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