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Ur Boy Bangz Says He’s Open To A Rap Battle Against Jimmy Fallon

Melbourne rapper Ur Boy Bangz says he’s open to the idea of a rap battle against American talkshow host Jimmy Fallon, who recently insulted Bangz’s viral hit Take U To Da Movies and became the subject of a diss track by the muso.

In an interview with Radio National today, Ur Boy Bangz was asked how he’d respond if Fallon suggested they sort things out with a good old rap battle.

“I’d be like, ‘Nah,'” Bangz said, before changing his mind.

“I did this for fun actually, you know? So if he throws something back at me, maybe yeah. Maybe I’ll try and write something again for fun and throw it back at him again.”

Bangz also discussed his initial reaction to Fallon bad-mouthing his track, and what he thinks sets him apart from other rappers.

“I’m not a comedian, I’m an artist,” Bangz said. “I don’t know about other artists, if they’d do something, but for me I actually saw it and I’m like, ‘Kinda funny, okay.’

“It not really upset me, but I’m like, ‘Okay if he did something, let me do something.'”

And yes, Bangz has confirmed that he legit does like going to the movies. Catch highlights of the interview, including an acapella version of Take U To Da Movies, in the video below.

After Fallon mocked Bangz’s 2009 hit Take U To Da Movies in a Tonight Show segment called “Do Not Play”, Bangz hit back with a Jimmy Fallon diss track called Do Not Watch.

Fallon, who is now following Bangz on Twitter, is yet to announce any plans for a rap battle, but the internet — like Bangz — is most certainly open to it.

Ur Boy Bangz will perform Do Not Watch, Take U To Da Movies and more at a newly-announced free show in Melbourne this weekend.

Watch: Ur Boy Bangz – Radio National Interview (21/07/15)

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