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Ur Boy Bangz Is Back With Yet Another Christmas Banger

Ur Boy Bangz has returned to drop yet another Yuletide banger down your chimney in the lead-up to the holiday season.

The homegrown rhyme-spitting machine has gift-rapped what could be the final chapter of his Xmas-themed musical anthology with Christmas Story Pt IV, a scorching r&b ode to all things holly jolly.

In the blockbuster music video for the tune, Bangz sits perched atop a tree, dressed up as Santa as he raps about his love of Fanta and all the other foods and beverages that make Chrissy great.

Christmas Story Pt IV is the sequel to last year’s Christmas Song Pt III, which many believed to be Bangz’s final sonic outing before quitting music forever.

But it seems the rap dynamo isn’t ready for his final mic-drop just yet, and praise Santa for that. With the steaming turd of a year that 2016 has dished up, it seems the world needs Bangz now more than ever.

The Sudanese-born Melbourne MC, best known for his 2009 viral classic Let Me Take You To Da Movies, enjoyed an astronomical resurgence last year after funnyman Jimmy Fallon foolishly decided to start a beef with the rapper that he couldn’t possibly have hoped to win.

Since then, Bangz has been pumping out fiery diss tracks and politically-charged bangers like a lyrical machine gun, and it seems that pretty much no one is safe.

Get your ears on his latest musical Chrissy prezzie, the instant holiday classic Christmas Story Pt IV, below.

Watch: Ur Boy Bangz – ‘Christmas Story Pt IV’

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