US Presidential Debate MVP Ken Bone Used To Be In A Band

This week’s second US Presidential debate didn’t exactly reveal a whole heap more about either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton that we didn’t already know, and was pretty much just bickering apart from a brief interlude when they sung ‘The Time Of My Life’ together.

One highlight came in the form of red-knitted-sweater wearing swing-voter Ken Bone though, who pressed the candidates on their environmental policy, and whose name and good nature has become memespiration for the internet in the days since.

Now it turns out that Bone was once actually a drummer in a band which played Christian pop covers from the ’90s and noughties.

“My biggest claim to fame will ultimately be that i was in a band with #KenBone. And that is more than enough fame,” Bone’s former bandmate Joshua Burkett has tweeted.

When pressed as to what type of music they played, Burkett responded saying, “We played pop Christian covers. We may have all been virgins, except Ken. He was the drummer. He had all the chicks.”

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for (even if we didn’t know it) — Burkett uploaded an incredible photo of the band, with the highlight being Ken Bone’s bitchin’ Crocodile Dundee hat.

Bask in its glory alongside more of Burkett’s tweets, below.

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