US Republican Politician Ruthlessly Trolled With Emails From Nickelback

Nickelback are seemingly an endless repository of memes and jokes, but as one US Senator found recently their promotional mailing lists can also be used as an annoying, yet hilarious prank.

Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that he’d been the victim of an amazing joke where all of his email addresses had been subscribed to a plethora of Nickelback fan and promotional material.

“To whoever just subscribed my email accts (family, work, obsolete) to multiple @Nickelback promotional & fan newsletters: It’s. Not. Funny.”

While we must objectively point out that it is in fact hilarious, this is hardly the first time that the Canadian rock outfit have been used as the butt of a joke, or even as punishment. Canadian police were reportedly threatening drunk drivers with Nickelback as punishment last year.

The prankster’s only mistake was outing himself as Senator Orring Hatch from Utah by apologising to Sasse, but although he broke the cardinal rule (deny everything), we must admit this was a pretty bold and equally hilarious move.

Well played Senator Hatch. Well played.

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