Venue Cancels Melbourne Band’s Gig Because Of Their Offensive Name

Melbourne band The Prostitute Killers have had their upcoming gig cancelled amid complaints about their offensive name. The band were due to play at Thornbury’s Tago Mago on Saturday but the venue have announced they will no longer host the band.

“It’s just been drawn to our attention that a band with a particularly offensive name had been booked to play at our venue,” a post on the venue’s Facebook page stated. “Tago Mago prides itself as a friendly, welcoming inclusive venue which supports local musicians and punters.

“We will never condone misogynist behaviour or band names. The prostitute killers have been cancelled and Tago Mago offers a most sincere apology.” A former sex worker identified as Chloe by Fairfax Media said she and her friends were planning on attending the gig in protest.

She told Fairfax she found the band’s name offensive. “It’s like naming the band with any kind of marginalised group then with the word ‘killers’ after it. It would be considered by mainstream society to be utterly unacceptable.”

Melbourne venue Cherry Bar have also weighed in on the debate. “Personally, I don’t think I’d like The Prostitute Killers playing at my venues BUT I’ve let China Vagina and Vice Grip Pussies play at Cherry and it could be argued that these are names in poor taste that promote sexism?!!,” reads a post on their Facebook Page.

“Censorship, political correctness, freedom of expression, art, punk rock, protection against sexism, where does one draw the line?,” it continues. Tago Mago also posted a follow-up statement. “Censorship can be a concept or a belief, but ultimately ones instincts rule and this should always be true for all of us,” it reads.

The Weekly Review reports Cherry Bar has actually previously hosted a gig with The Prostitute Killers on the bill and they’ve also played shows at Melbourne’s Brunswick Hotel. According to Fairfax, The Prostitute Killers’ Facebook page was deleted on Tuesday and while reports state the band is listed as The PK Team on their triple j Unearthed page, that has also since been deleted.

UPDATE 9:12am 17/07/14: The band, currently listed on Facebook as New Name Undecided, have issued a statement of apology following the cancellation of their Tago Mago performance, writing, “We do not condone violence of any sort to anyone.” Read the full statement here.

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