A New Simpsons-Inspired Music Venue Is Opening In Melbourne

Melbourne’s northside is getting a brand new live music venue, Shotkickers.

For fans of The Simpsons, you’ll get the reference: inspired by the bar Marge visits in the episode ‘Marge On The Lam’, the bar has served as inspiration for the latest kid on Thornbury’s High Street.

The creation of musicians Mathias Northway and Christopher Windley, Shotkickers is taking over the space once inhabited by Tago Mago and Swamplands Bar.

The revamp of the venue has made way for a new bandroom with expanded stage, as well as a new dining area. The capacity – 200 people – offers a new spot for music fans and punters to gather and enjoy music as Thornbury continues to thrive with activity post-pandemic.

Shotkickers, as Northway and Windley have described, is a venue ‘built by musicians for musicians’, right from the ground up.

“The bar was welded by a muso. The stage was built by musos.” they’ve said in a statement. “The roof got painted by musos. Everyone is so excited to bring something fresh to the scene.”

The venue is the first for the pair of musos and business owners: Windley has been involved in booking venues like The B.East in Brunswick and Belleville, as well as touring with acts like The Teskey Brothers, Mangelwurzel and more. Northway currently fronts the band CHILD.

“Bands have had a rough trot of late and many incredible musicians live a stone’s throw away,” Northway says.

“We love the idea that bands could literally walk to the venue, backline is provided, booze is flowing and the sound system is top-notch.”

Shotkickers opens in January.

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