Vic Mensa Calls Out Noel & Liam Gallagher As Racist ‘Dickheads’

Chicago rapper and Kanye West mentee Vic Mensa has delivered a scintillating hot take to the Guardian, calling out the Gallagher brothers, and particularly their statements on black hip-hop artists, as racist and out-of-touch with modern music.

In the feature published last week, Mensa is talking about his mentorship with Kanye and segued into a discussion of the controversy surrounding his announcement as headline performer at this year’s Glastonbury, which caused wide-ranging whinging from the usual deadshits and a petition.

Referencing his own tweet directed to Liam Gallagher during the shitstorm calling out his “irrelevant old man opinions” about Kanye, Mensa continued with “those guys are legends, but also dickheads. Ultimate dickheads. I saw they were mad Kanye played Glastonbury. They were mad when Jay Z played too. Feels very racist to me.”

Mensa continues, pointing out that the Oasis veterans are out-of-touch with music, and have an outmoded definition of what rock’n’roll actually is:

“They’re gonna say: ‘No it’s not about race, it’s about guitar music, it’s about rock’n’roll’, but I mean like, how many people do you feel are carrying the spirit of rock’n’roll in 2015? Would you not say that Yeezus, and a song like Black Skinhead, is carrying the spirit of rock’n’roll? I can’t understand how that’s not fucking rock’n’roll.”

Last in the country for Laneway earlier this year, Vic Mensa recently signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label and has his debut LP Traffic due for release sometime later in the year.

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