Victoria Is Still Failing At Music, According To This State Election Report Card

Ahead of the Victorian state election, industry body Music Victoria has today unveiled their State Election Report Card, which assesses the Coalition government, as well as Labor and The Greens, on their commitment to live music.

Having recently been successful in their long battle to secure the implementation of Agent of Change into the state planning laws, the industry body, through their report card, hope to ensure that commitments to live music are a part of each of the parties’ policies.

Presently, the only confirmed commitment towards music initiatives has come from the Coalition government in regards to variations in the building codes for live music venues and a partial commitment to reforming EPA noise regulations.

The rest of the report card covers the implementation of Music Victoria’s regional live music action plan, a quick response to grant applications from musicians and music businesses, an increase in arts funding and the establishment of a contemporary music hub. No parties thus far have made commitments towards theses initiatives.

Music Victoria were positive in their evaluation of how the Liberal government dealt with 2010 election commitments. According to the industry body, over their last term of Government the Coalition have recognised the contribution of live music in the Liquor Act, established a Live Music Roundtable and de-regulated all-age and mixed-age gigs.

At the same time, however, the Coalition has presided over a significant reduction in arts sector funding for musicians, which includes the removal of the separate and dedicated stream of funding for contemporary musicians and music initiatives.

Music Victoria say they have published their Election Report Card to assist Victorians who believe in nurturing and protecting live music in making an informed choice at the November 29th election. They plan on updating the card as the parties release new policies.

UPDATE 18/09/14: Music Victoria have informed us that most Victorian political parties haven’t yet had a chance to respond to their initiatives. They will be updating the report card as they do in the weeks leading to the election.

See the card below, via Music Victoria.


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