Victorians watch more live Australian music than any other state

Victorians really are champions of live Australian music, with 55% of Vics preferring to watch Australian artists over internationals.

That’s above the national average of 49%.

live music rock GIF by The Revivalists

The findings were among many released today (July 3) in a study by the Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO) into how Aussies access and engage with music.

2,025 people were surveyed, and Media Insight Consulting CEO Chris Carey, who worked with the VMDO on the study, unveiled the results today.

Other key findings included that 32% of Australians consider music to be their number one passion.

“We found that one in three people (32%) said that music was their life – it’s their number one passion. On average, Australians are listening to music three to four hours a day,” said Carey.

The study also found that YouTube is the most popular music streaming service in Australia, radio is still the #1 way people consume music, CDs are still in demand, and that 60% of people attend a live music event at least once a year.

The study findings were announced at Melbourne’s CHANGES music summit. Download the full report at here.

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