Vince Staples Wants Everyone To Stop Telling Him He Should’ve Got A Grammy Nom

The Grammy nominations were revealed yesterday and one of the most notable snubs was Vince Staples‘ record Big Fish Theory.

People online are pretty upset about it but Staples has told everybody to calm down in a long, since deleted Twitter thread that ended in, “don’t talk to me about the Grammys.”

His initial tweet read, “I’m encouraging people to not tweet “Fuck the Grammys” on my behalf fucking up my money and I’m salty? I can’t win with you Camry driving n****s. Tweets will be deleted in five minutes for aesthetic purposes.”

He then added, “We are all entirely too sensitive about trophies. Y’all should’ve played football.”

When pressed about why he’s tweeting so much about it if he doesn’t care, he quoted something he said in 2012, “N****s want Grammys and shit that’s funny to me.”

He even got a call from GQ who offered their commiserations and that’s when he realised people really care about the Grammys.

“I apologize if I hurt anyones feelings with my disregard for the trophy,” he concluded.

Even though he doesn’t care he had some thoughts about why he didn’t make the cut saying that he only sold 30,000 copies in his first week in the US which lessons his chances of being heard by the Grammy committee. By comparison, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., nominated for seven awards including Album Of The Year, sold over 600,000 copies in its first week.

Staples will be in the country for Falls Festival in a few weeks time.

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