Vince Staples
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Vince Staples Announces New Album ‘Dark Times’

American rapper Vince Staples is all set to return with a new album titled ‘Dark Times’, which is set to be released on Friday, 24th May. 

Vince said. “I’m Black, and that’s what we’re evading,” Staples talks about the inspiration behind the image. “We all have our things that could kill us. We all have that imminent threat.” he said. 

Vince Staples – ‘Shame On The Devil’

Vince Staples was seen on television doing the Vince Staples Show which got famous because of his uncanny humour and won the hearts of many people. Staples’ previous album which was named ‘Ramona Park Broke My Heart’ got an amazing review and received many applause. 

He was not releasing much music as he was busy with the show. However, he did not break the hearts of his fans and has come up with this new album ‘Dark Times’ which took a total of seven months to be made and is a collection of some great songs that is going to get the fans all crazy. 

Vince Staples’s new single titled ‘Shame On The Devil’ is out for the fans now.

‘Dark Times’ Tracklisting:

Close Your Eyes and Swing

Black & Blue

Government Cheese

Children’s Song

Shame On the Devil 





Nothing Matters 

Little Homies 


Why Won’t the Sun Come Out?

To pre-order now.

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