Violent Soho Are Definitely Not Going On Hiatus, May Have A New Album Out Before 2019

Violent Soho guitarist James Tidswell has fronted up for a Facebook live chat to set the record straight about the band’s apparent hiatus. Specifically, the fact that there ain’t one.

Tidswell copped to causing a bit of confusion with some comments he made recently about the band’s upcoming Groovin The Moo gigs being their “last time playing indefinitely”.

“I said the last shows indefinitely,” he told the 1K+ fans tuning in. “But under no circumstance are we going on an indefinite hiatus, that’s a really sappy way to break up. And lame, we would never do that. That’s not our style.”

“We’re definitely not breaking up” the guitarist drummed home. “We’re gonna keep going, we’re not just gonna throw it away lightly… We’re going to be a band indefinitely.”

And just because they don’t have any shows booked post-GTM, doesn’t mean they’re gonna be fucking off. In fact, Tidswell reckons that the wait for Mansfield’s finest’s next album could beEVEN LESS than the three years it took between Hungry Ghost and WACO.

In response to one fan who suggested the band’s next LP might be out in 2019, Tidswell said he reckoned it could be “even sooner” than that, letting slip that frontman Luke Boerdam’s been working on some new material that he’s “really pumped” about.

In other important news from Tidswell’s Facey fan conference, Violent Soho will sadly not be collaborating with Shannon Noll any time soon 🙁

Here are some other interesting truth nuggest we learned from Tidswell’s chat:

  • Violent Soho won’t be touring NZ any time soon
  • Their set at GTM will be “different” to anything we’ve heard them play in the past 7 years
  • Tidswell loves The Living End so much he stole their first album and recently got kicked out of a karaoke bar for stage-diving during ‘Prisoner Of Society’
  • His favourite singer is Tom DeLonge
  • He’s never done a shoey and he doesn’t want to do one so FFS STOP ASKING HIM
  • Violent Soho are in the liner notes for The Smith Street Band’s new album
  • They also tripped acid the night before hosting ABC’s RAGE and had a rough time programming the show the next day
  • He prefers Maccas to Hungry Jacks but loves a good ol’ bacon deluxe burger
  • He washes his hair whenever he remembers to, but approximately once a fortnight
  • Violent Soho love the Bloodhound Gang and invited them to tour Australia with them one time, but they sadly said no
  • Frontman Luke Boerdam heard about the band’s alleged ‘hiatus’ while he was in the studio recording Tired Lion, after singer Sophie Hopes saw a story about it on the internet.

Catch Violent Soho’s full list of Groovin The Moo tour dates and set times here, and we look forward to them continuing to still be a band long into the future.

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