Was Whitney Houston Murdered?

Whitney Houston’s cause of death has still not yet been determined, however, some people who may in fact be related to Houston believe she was murdered. According to TMZ, people claiming to be relatives of Houston have been calling The LA County Coroner’s Office. One person also said they have information supporting the murder speculation.

Sources also told TMZ that one person suspected a relative of Houston may have been involved in the alleged murder, however, they had no proof of this.

So far the Coroner’s Office has not confirmed if the callers were relatives of the Houston family.

Houston’s cause of death will not be determined until the toxicology results are in, however the Coroner has already ruled out foul play.

An official from the Coroner’s Office told TMZ that ‘the investigation is ongoing’.

Following Houston’s death in February a number of conspiracy theories spread around the internet. Vice mag decided to document them all in detail; you can read the paraphrases below. (via ibtimes)

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Whitney Houston’s Death

-The occult point to the numerology of Houston’s passing. “Do you think its [sic] ironik [sic] she died in 2012 at the age of 48, 4 + 8 = 12!!! Illuminati like to do these sorts of things as a death ritual as they believe everything has to be done on a certain day,” read one post in Vice’s assemblage.

-Some are saying the 11th (she died on 11th February) is an occult date, with other famous people like Bob Marley, Alexander McQueen and Sylvia Plath dying on that day.

-Nicki Minaj’s outfit to the 2012 Grammys had a face embroidered on the skirt in black beads. Conspiracy theorists think this was Whitney Houston’s.

-Blue Ivy needed a blood sacrifice. This theory alleges that Blue Ivy is a reworking of the name Eulb Yvi, which Twitter users and other conspiracy theorists allege is the name of Satan’s daughter, though there has been no evidence to prove such a concept.

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