Watch: 4-Armed Robot Drums The Ramones’ ‘Blitzkreig Bop’

If you’re a drummer and a fan of The Ramones, you might want to avoid this video. You’ll probably want to punch the star of it out of envy.

A four-armed, gold-plated mohawked machine has pumped out a version of their 1976 anthem Blitzkreig Bop at what looks like some sort of tech show in the USA.

The video has gone viral and clocked up more than 400,000 views in the space of a week.

The guys at Ultimate Classic Rock have raved about it, posting the following statement after watching the video:

“Why is it that our technology is so vast that we can video chat with people all around the world, pinpoint exact locations and targets for missiles but we can’t build a robot with FOUR arms doing something that a guy did even better with two?”

“Not that we could build this ourselves, but come on, if you’re not gonna improve on Tommy Ramone, why bother?”

Meanwhile, William Goodman at CBS News has been just as gushing – declaring the video as “the pinnacle of robotic and viral video achievement”.

“What the … like, seriously… I mean, just wow! This drum-playing robot is the clear front-runner for some kind of award in robotics of the awesome, right?”

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

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