Watch A Young Nirvana Play A Living Room Show For Two

It’s been one hell of a lead up to the release of the new Kurt Cobain documentary Montage Of Heck, and now we’ve got another sneak peek at the guaranteed tear-jerker of a film in the form of previously unseen footage of Nirvana playing in a tiny living room for an audience of just two.

In the video from the New York Times, Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic can be seen jamming on a very early rendition of Bleach track Mr. Moustache in a tiny room, as two audiences members sit on the floor watching. Cue thousands of Seattleites now claiming to have been there.

“If we played together in the house for a couple of hours and if two people stopped by we considered that a gig,” Cobain says in a voice over, taken from an archival interview. “That was good enough, if we had an audience of two people, locals who hated our guts and thought it was terrible music.”

The clip also features Novoselic describing his first encounters with a young Kurt Cobain, who he says was working as a janitor when they first met. “He’d always have to do some kind of art—usually defacing something,” Novoselic says. “He never had, like, idle hands. It just came out of him. He had to express himself.”

In researching for the documentary, creator Brett Morgen trawled through a storage locker filled with Cobain’s possessions, including notes, poems, drawings, more than 100 never-before-heard cassette tapes of Cobain’s recordings and home films.

“On the home movies I saw, Kurt is not meek. Courtney is not dominating him,” explains Morgen. “I think this film is really going to challenge people’s perceptions.” Morgen also confirmed that contrary to prior reports, an unused interview with Dave Grohl will not be appearing as a Montage Of Heck DVD extra.

Montage Of Heck will premiere in Australia on May 7th, with a limited theatrical release. Watch the short clip below.

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