Watch Amy Schumer Rap A Kanye Track With Talib Kweli

Amy Schumer – comedian, screenwriter, actress, all-round wonderful person and now rapper. Schumer is already very high up on the list of 2015’s most-loved people, thanks to her movie Trainwreck and always brilliant sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, but now it turns out she’s just as talented behind the mic as she is behind the camera.

While playing a show with Talib Kweli in Chicago, Schumer joined the rapper on a version of Kweli’s collaboration with Kanye West Get Em High from The College Dropout, nailing her verse by the looks of it.

She took on the verse originally performed by Kanye West’s girlfriend at the time, Sumeke Rainey, confidently strutting the stage. After the show she proudly posted a clip of the performance on Instagram which has been met with comments making up basically just one long thread of “yasssssssss”.

While Schumer has kind of directed the attention away from Kweli here, it’s worth noting that he dropped a really good free album, Fuck The Money, this week that features Miguel and Kaytranada among others. Schumer unfortunately doesn’t feature. Maybe next time.

Listen: Kanye West – Get Em High

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