Watch Andy Samberg Nail The Emmy Awards Opening With This Hilarious Song

Andy Samberg has taken the role of hosting this year’s Emmy Awards very seriously. So seriously in fact he locked himself in a bunker and watched “every single show”… or at least that’s what his opening song would have us believe.

The characteristically unhinged skit sees Samberg bearded and slightly delirious as he ecstatically lists all the shows he’s watched. Featuring the obligatory celebrity cameos, with Samberg bringing in Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington and Billy Eichner, the number ends with Samberg’s endless listing of programs and an amazing medley of shows about wives before Better Call Saul‘s own Bob “Saul Goodman” Odenkirk turns up to give him the job of hosting due to his unique qualifications.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 2.17.29 pm

He then kicked off his opening monologue by clarifying his Dick In A Box partner Justin Timberlake would not be joining him, before telling books to “suck it” because the Emmys was all about television.

Joking about the wage/age gap for men and women in Hollywood, and citing the diversity of this year’s nominee’s that indeed ‘racism is over, don’t fact check that’ Samberg kept things ‘culturally relevant, but not too edgy.’

You can watch for yourself below.

Watch: 67th Primetime Emmy awards 2015 – Andy Samberg’s opening skit

Watch: Andy Samberg Opening Monologue 67th Primetime Emmy Awards 2015

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