Source: Netflix

The Lonely Island Drop Half Hour Netflix Visual Rap Album

Musical comedy trio, The Lonely Island have dropped a surprise Netflix Special: a half hour album/visual poem The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience.

The special release follows the story of baseball superstars Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco, aka The Bash Brothers — two players who were famous for bashing their arms together to celebrate home runs and using a lot of steroids — except in the Lonely Island version, they make a rap album at the peak of their fame.

Set in 1988, Mark McGwire is played by Akiva Schaffer and Jose Canseco by Andy Samberg. The half hour special is full of fake music videos and tunes about taking steroids, ‘bench pressing bikini babes’, and dating Madonna.

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience has also been released as an album and is available to stream. It features voices from Sia, HAIM, and Maya Rudolph.

Turns out Jose Canseco loves it too, tweeting, “Just watched The Unauthorized Bash Brothers video! I can’t stop laughing. Loved it.”

A stoked Lonely Island responded, “This tweet genuinely made our year. We love you. Thank you, sir!”

Check out the Twitter interaction below along with ‘Uniform On’ and ‘Oakland Nights’ off of the new album. Or check out the Netflix trailer here.

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