Watch : Arcade Fire warm up for the Grammys [Update: They won Album of the Year]

Update: Arcade Fire Win the Album of the Year Grammy!

Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire are set to play at the 2011 Grammys in less then 24 hours. Always hardworking, the band has made the most of their time in L.A. playing 2 intimate warm up shows.

They decided to put last-minute gig at the Ukrainian Culture Center of Los Angeles. The show was announced just 12 hours before they hit the stage. It was labeled as the unofficial  ‘Anti Grammy’ pre-party, 500 turned up and some even camped out the Thursday night to score tickets at one of three purchase points in LA.

The show was a far cry from the red carpet and Vip treatment that is set to follow. The band gave away “free drinks and cotton candy” before the show even began. It was an anti-industry affair in a number of ways and Arcade Fire loved it.

Keep The Car Running (Ukrainian Culture Center,Los Angeles)

Earlier in the week they dropped into L.A. radio station KROQ to record an unplugged session. They played acoustic versions of “Month of May” and “Ready to Start“.

Month of May (KROQ Studios)

Ready to Start (KROQ Studios)

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