Watch This Awks Marriage Proposal Stuff-Up At Coldplay’s Melbourne Show

If you believe in bad omens, Coldplay’s Chris Martin has gone and doomed a once-hopeful young couple’s chance at happiness after absolutely cooking a fan’s on-stage proposal surprise at the band’s first of two recent Melbourne shows, and there’s footage of the whole thing.

No doubt caught up in the moment, Martin invited the wrong woman up on stage, no doubt leaving the actual woman feeling fairly confused.

Martin, who has opened his stage up to similar situations in the past, told the audience, “I’m a sucker for this shit, I can’t say no. Come up. Let’s do it. Let’s get married up in here,” midway through a performance of A Sky Full of Stars.

He then went and pulled a very shocked looking woman from the crowd, who engaged in what appeared to be some light banter with the frontman. Then this happened:

“Oh, you’re not the person he’s prosing to? Then what the fuck are you doing here?”

Martin quickly helped the wrong suspect off stage, before finally locating the correct one.

Literally the only way it could have gone worse was if the real fiancé-in-waiting had said no, but she said yes, and you can watch proof below.

Coldplay’s current tour of Australian stages continues tonight and tomorrow night with two shows in Sydney.

Gallery: Coldplay – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane 06/12/16 / Photos: Sarah Bellamy

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