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Watch Coldplay Cover ‘Suzanne’ In Touching Leonard Cohen Tribute

During Coldplay‘s concert at London venue Palladium on Friday night, Chris Martin played an emotional solo cover of Leonard Cohen‘s 1967 release Suzanne.

Tributes have flown in from around the world since news of Cohen’s death surfaced on Friday this week, with musicians including Questlove, Bette Midler, Frank Iero, Ben Folds, Lin Manuel Miranda and more sharing loving words and their respects for Cohen.

Now, in one of the first live tributes to Cohen (though there’ll undoubtedly be many more over the coming weeks), Chris Martin came out as part of Coldplay’s encore and played Suzanne, playing a sole acoustic guitar as accompaniment.

“Sending my love to Mr. Leonard Cohen for those amazing songs, you changed my life,” Martin said after the performance.

Coldplay will be in Australia in just under a month, and they’re letting you can choose what songs they play in their sets.

Watch Coldplay’s Chris Martin cover Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne below.

Watch: Chris Martin – ‘Suzanne’ (Leonard Cohen Cover)

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