Watch: Axl Rose Does First Live Interview In 20 Years

OK, so I’m fine with admitting I’m wrong, that is, once I’ve been provided with overwhelming evidence to support the case. Here at Music Feeds we enjoy giving it to ol’ Axl Rose, but after an interview on Jimmy Kimmel, his first live TV interview in 20 years, I’ve got to say…he’s actually a good dude.

Though they touch on it at the start of their conversation, it’s not really too clear why Rose chose to break his TV draught on Jimmy Kimmel. The interview was scheduled to plug the upcoming 12-show residency of Guns N’ Roses in Las Vegas come Halloween time.

The 12-minute or so interview spends little time discussing the recent movements of Rose, rather spending time on the kind of stuff everyone wants to know about the guy. Kimmel doesn’t hold back any punches, grilling Rose on just about everything he’s ever done, constantly bringing up Rose’s reputation for being late to gigs (though he was on time for the interview, hazzah!). What’s surprising is that Rose seems to laugh it off much like the audience do.

That’s right, we are seeing a much differnt Axl Rose to the one who sued Guitar Hero, and all those other douchey things he’s done (see exhibit A and B) He’s charismatic, charming and funny. Worthy of note is that when asked which year he could go back and repeat if he wanted to, Rose responds “somewhere within the last 5-6 years, I’ve been having more fun.”

And get this – he even bought everyone in the audience a hamburger and hooked a whole bunch up with tickets hidden under their seats, Oprah style!

So Rose – no hard feelings bro, well, that is until you do the next douschy thing. Check it out below, many thanks to Consequence Of Sound

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