Watch Azure Ryder Cover Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ For Triple J Like A Version

How good are Fridays and how good is triple j’s Like A Version. Azure Ryder was this week’s LAV guest and she took on absolute icon, Dua Lipa. Covering the 2019 hit, ‘Don’t Start Now’, Ryder keeps all the bones of the song but creates this breezy lo-fi tune. It’s so lovely.

We also received Azure Ryder’s original, ‘Dizzy’, which is just as chill. Taken from her 2020 EP Running With The Wolves, the single shows off Ryder’s smooth and stunning vocals. We love.

In her Behind the Like A Version, Azure Ryder shares how she started singing at five-years-old and finds it to be a super healing experience. It feeds into her theory of the hidden story behind the Dua track, “About the love that you give to someone, and them not giving it back to you.”

“And that strength of letting that go and not letting them steal your heart anymore,” explains Ryder.

Azure Ryder says she wanted to highlight that feeling, which is why she stripped the song back and kept the instrumentals as scarce as possible.

“I love this song as it is and the world clearly does too.”

“I really admire Dua as a person. I met her middle of last year and she had such a grace and strength as a person. And I think that really flows through to her music.”

You can catch the Like A Version, Ryder’s original, ‘Dizzy’, and her Behind The Like A Version below.

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