Watch: Bob Dylan’s New Brutally Violent Clip For Duquesne Whistle

The latest video offering from folk legend Bob Dylan is quite a dynamic piece of work. The clip sees Dylan once again team up with long-term collaborator Nash Edgerton.

Duquesne Whistle, set to feature on Dylan’s impending album Tempest, was given a pretty intense video treatment. It starts off as the tale of a young man romantically but hopelessly trying to court a particular woman he sees on the street (flowers, the whole shebang). Next minute, said dude is thrown into a van, tied to a chair and given a pretty solid once-over by some dodgie looking fellows. They start with a sledge hammer to the knee caps and work their way up to smashing his head on the sink…

Dylan can also been seen in the clip, walking around like a total boss with a crew also comprising of some dodgie looking individuals and one guy in a K.I.S.S do-up.

Together the two have come up with some pretty intense video clips, including ones for Must Be Santa Claus and Beyond Here Lies Nothin‘, and once again the stunt director – who has previously worked behind the scenes of movies such as The Matrix – has lived up to his graphic reputation.

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