Watch Barack Obama Crash YouTube Star Twins’ Music Reaction Video To Talk About Bob Dylan

Barack Obama has dropped by Twins The New Trend latest reaction video,  gatecrashing the Williams twins live reaction vid for Bob Dylan’s masterpiece ‘The Time They Are-A-Changin’.

Fred and Tim found themselves in conversation with the former POTUS when he popped up in the comment section following a call-out for viewer questions.

Despite being blown away by being joined by Obama, the 22-year-old YouTube stars manage to hold it together well enough to engage in some quality chat with the former US President about one of his all-time favourite jams.

For his part, Obama plays it pretty chill, kicking things off in an understated manner: “Hey people, what’s going on? I hear you guys were asking questions. I decided I’m just gonna go ahead and come here live,” before things get a bit more presidential as the chat unfolds.

“One of the most important things we can do as people — but especially young people — is opening our minds to how other people feel, what their traditions are, trying to make common cause with folks even if they don’t look like us or didn’t come from the same neighbourhood.”

Noting Obama included the track in his recent playlist of songs that helped him through his Presidency, the Twins ask Obama what the song means to him.  Obamas’s response was that, “The old ways are not going to work. Times are changing.” It’s about as on-brand for 2020 as you can get.  Speaking to People about the impromptu Obama banter, Tim Williams said the whole experience gave them “hope that there are still good people in power that want to see a change for the better”.

The whole exchange is super wholesome and the perfect example of the power of what Fred and Tim Williams are doing with Twins The New Trend. Encouraging meaningful chat about timeless music and more between people from different generations and walks of life.  As Obama himself says in a slightly more presidential manner, “The country’s so divided right now and on the internet a lot of times everybody’s just mad, and what you guys are doing — which is being open to new ideas, new experiences and reaching out to different traditions — that’s America at its best.”

“And I think you guys sending that message is powerful.”

We, the people at Music Feeds couldn’t agree more with Barack Obama here. Especially after the work that  Twins The New Trend did to amplify John Farnham’s mighty Aussie anthem ‘You’re The Voice’  to a new audience!

We also co-sign ‘The Times They-Are-A Changin’ as well. That song bops, listen to the original on Obama’s playlist now.

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