Watch Bullet For My Valentine Play Guitar During A Parachute Jump In The Freezing Norwegian Winter

Bullet For My Valentine‘s Matt Tuck has channelled Bear Grylls for a gig that was part metal, part Man Vs Wild.

The guitarist conquered land, sea and air as part of Jägermeister’s Ice Cold Gig series, which you may remember from such news articles as this one about UK metal band TesseracT performing on top of a giant igloo.

Jäger’s latest stunt saw Tuck armed with an acoustic guitar and plonked in the middle of the freezing Norwegian winter, where he battled the elements and frostbitten fingers to strum some BFMV songs while parachuting out of a helicopter, jetting across an icy lake in a speedboat and hurtling through the snow on a dog sled.

As NME reports, Tuck and three mates ascended to 15,000 feet above the Lyngsfjord region of Norway, near Tromsø, and dived out of a chopper with Tuck performing BFMV’s The Last Fight on acoustic guitar during the freefall in -34ºC Norwegian air.

He then hopped on board a Buster Magnum speed boat to perform Venom, the title track of Bullet’s latest album, before being led by Siberian huskies through the Norwegian snow towards the Gukkesgaissa Mountains while playing Bullet’s 2010 song Bittersweet Memories.

Sounds pretty mental, right?

Sadly, we can’t help but feel like – for such a batshit insane concept – the highlight reel footage could have been a little more… I dunno… epic?

Some cooler camera angles and maybe a bit more showmanship on Tuck’s behalf wouldn’t have gone astray. I mean, you’re parachuting out of a god damn plane while shredding guitar FFS, amirite Parkway Drive?

Anyway, take a look below and see what you reckon.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Bullet to announce a new Australian tour after their planned appearance at Soundwave 2016 was put on ice.


Watch: Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig 2016 – BFMV’s Matt Tuck


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