Watch: Carry Nation ‘Whales In Webs’ New Single

Brisbane’s Carry Nation aka. Jessie Warren has released Whales in Webs, the first single from her sophomore album, and follow-up to her 2010 release Like a River Does, which is due out later this year.

The single was written after a podcast about a whale being rescued from entanglement in crab nets inspired her to put pen to paper. In what seemed like an act of gratitude, the whale swam up to each rescuer individually and stared them in the eyes.

“I think humans wrongfully believe themselves to be superior to mammals such as whales, when in hindsight I believe many animals have much more control over us then we do them. The song talks about the idea that we’re all living in cities on top of whales’ backs and all they have to do is swim faster or deeper and we’ll all fall off. Never to be seen again.”

To support the release of Whales in Webs, Carry Nation and Sui Zhen will be teaming up together for an East Coast tour.

Watch: Carry Nation – Whales In Webs

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