Watch Cloud Nothings’ Truly Bizarre Reimagining Of Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’

‘Clocks’ is one of Coldplay‘s biggest ever hits, released in 2002 on the British band’s Grammy-winning second album A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

So naturally any cover or remix of the song will be picked apart by fans of the band, but what Cloud Nothings did to the song at Chicago’s AV Club studio could barely even be described as a cover.

The US band tore apart the original song and spliced it back together in a truly bizarre, strongly jarring reimagining of the track, even including cat meowing.

When asked about why they chose to cover ‘Clocks’, Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi responded with a wry smile, “this is my favourite song of all time.”

The performance has garnered some seriously strong opinions on YouTube, both from the side who think it’s an absolute abomination and those who appreciated the stunt and its irony.

coldplay cloud 2

Coldplay Cloud 5

Coldplay Cloud 1

Coldplay Cloud 3

Check out the bizarre take on the track below, as well as Dylan Baldi’s brief explanation of the cover.

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