Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi Has Begun Sharing Isolation Mixtapes

Cloud Nothings bandleader Dylan Baldi has begun a blog where he’ll be distributing “isolation companion” mixtapes made up of songs that have been making him “feel like a human being” while self-isolating due to coronavirus.

“I used to find all sorts of incredible information about music and movies from old nerds with Blogspots back when I was in high school, and this Corona quarantine situation really has the same vibe as a permanent Sunday afternoon before school on Monday,” Baldi said in a post accompanying the mixtape.

“So I’m in that depressed little emo boy high school mindset, except now I’m the old nerd with a blog. And you’re a depressed high schooler. The tables have turned.”

The first compilation contains a swath of obscure gems, many of which are from decades ago, such as 80’s post-punk outfit Self Control, Welsh new wave band Fay Ray, and Italo-disco group Bagarre – there’s a ton of stuff to dive into.

Baldi says he’s hoping to release the mixtapes once a week, and is encouraging fans to reach out to him, saying, “If anyone wants to talk about music, or anything at all, by all means comment on this and I will probably talk to you. I have nothing else to do! It’s insane. Hope everyone is doing well in their isolation chambers.”

Check out Baldi’s mix here. Cloud Nothing’s last album was 2018’s excellent Last Building Burning.

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