Watch Courteney Cox & Ed Sheeran Recreate That Monica And Ross ‘Friends’ Dance Routine

Days after the airing of the highly-anticipated Friends reunion, Courteney Cox is letting the nostalgia flag fly, this time with a little help from Ed Sheeran who joined Cox this week in recreating the famous Ross and Monica dance routine from the show.

To refresh your memory, the dance featured in the fan favourite episode ‘The One with the Routine’ where Monica (Courtney Cox) and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) bring back an old choreographed routine from a childhood dance contest and perform it on the set of Dick Clark’s New Year’s ‘Rockin’ Eve party as they prepare to ring in the year 2000.

“Just some routine dancing with a friend…” Cox wrote on Instagram with the hashtag “ReRoutine”.

The pair do justice to most of the routine, apart from a stumble at the end, missing their landing. Ross would never.

Watch both versions here below.

Just last week, Cox reunited with the cast of Friends – Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry – for the show’s reunion. Special guests to appear on the how included Lady Gaga (who joined Phoebe for a rendition of ‘Smelly Cat’), Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber, Cindy Crawford and BTS.

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