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Watch Lady Gaga Join Lisa Kudrow For ‘Smelly Cat’ In Friends Reunion

In very wholesome Central Perk content, Lady Gaga dropped by the cafe for the Friends Reunion. She joined Phoebe for a rendition of ‘Smelly Cat’.

Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) begins her own acoustic performance of the song, before Gaga drops in. Gaga is dressed just like Phoebe and just happens to have her guitar on hand.

“I love ‘Smelly Cat’. It’s one of my favourite songs,” says Lady Gaga. “You mind if I take ‘Smelly Cat’ for a spin?”

Gaga then proceeds to belt the song out.

Eventually, a gospel choir joins in for a massive singalong. It’s a vibe and a half.

Watch the cute collab down below.

The Friends Reunion premiered yesterday. It features a bunch of special guests including artists like BTS, Justin Bieber, and Cindy Crawford.

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