Watch: David Lee Roth Hints Van Halen Next Round Tour To Include Australia

Van Halen are currently back on the touring radar, playing a number of US shows and planned world tour dates, although they have recently cancelled shows from July 26 onwards. Frontman David Lee Roth has revealed in a recent video that the cancellations are due to exhaustion.

He continues in the video to explain that the band will pick up where they left off after they have rested, and mentions that they will be hitting Australia and Japan for the next round of their comeback tour. He even jokes at the end about learning to speak Australian (watch the video below).

Previously, music reporter Nui Te Koha, who spoke to Triple M Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast in February, revealed their international tour will likely include Australia.

“David Lee Roth said this week that it’s very likely they’ll do international touring and you’d be stupid not to have Australia on the agenda,” he said.

Van Halen were supposed to be playing at the failed Soundwave Revolution festival in September last year, which had Van Halen as the headliners.

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