Watch: Death Grips Go Hands-Free In Freaked-Out ‘Lock Up Your Doors’ Clip

It only seems right that if Death Grips can do whatever the fuck they want with their music then they can do whatever the fuck they want with their clips, and their latest video offering for Lock Up Your Doors (No Hands 6) is evidence that they hold that very view.

The band have confused us all recently by releasing a series of strange videos titled No Hands, and it seems as though it was all pointing towards this clip, all filmed with…no hands. Cut together using footage from a few different cameras that were strapped to a band member, Lock Up Your Doors (No Hands 6) is a cool example of what it looks like onstage from a band’s perspective…providing they’ve done a tonne of rack.

If you’re prone to seizures, or even if you’ve had too much coffee, this probably ain’t the clip for you – strictly speaking, you probably should avoid Death Grips altogether. For everyone else who can stomach a bit of grainy, POV-style footage, you’ll probably get a kick out of the below footage.

The single comes from NO LOVE DEEP WEB, which was one of two releases from the punk rap (rap punk?) outfit last year, the other being The Money Store. Check out the video and the description below.

Watch: Death Grips – Lock Up Your Doors (No Hands 6)

“They are a series of videos related to our recent first person at Performance at sxsw 2013
“Lock your doors” (NoHands 6)
Which drops today is the summarization of the concept and project .. It could keep going.. NoHands is in reference to the head perspective oriented filming..”

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