Watch Deftones’ Chino Moreno Break His Foot And Keep On Playing

Artists breaking a bone and continuing to play is not an uncommon thing these days but it never gets any less amazing.

The latest to pull it off is DeftonesChino Moreno who broke his foot mid-show in Belgium and just kept on going.

Footage shows Moreno falling off the stage and climbing back up only to fall to the ground. Somehow though he manages to get back on and carry on.

The band finished the show as normal but they have since been forced to cancel a show due to the injury.

“[Moreno] needs to stay off it for the next day or two. No other shows as of now are in jeopardy of being cancelled,” the band wrote on their Facebook.

Moreno now joins an esteemed list of musicians who have broken bones on stage. Florence Welch broke her foot while leaping off the stage at Coachella while Dave Grohl broke his leg on stage, only to come back and finish the show.

You can watch Moreno’s stage fall below.

Watch: Chino Moreno Breaks His Foot In Belgium

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