Watch Dillon Francis Go Nutso Over A Spelling Mistake On His First Platinum Record

Getting your first platinum record for selling a million copies of a song is a pretty big deal for an artist and you’d think given that there are hundreds handed out each year that they would have the spelling of one of the key words on the plaque under control. Apparently not.

US producer Dillon Francis was gifted a platinum record for his track Get Low with DJ Snake and was very pleased with it until someone pointed out on Twitter that the word “certification” had been spelt “certificatoin”.

And then all hell broke loose.

Francis posted a video to Instagram yelling at the plaque and at whoever made the mistake, saying “you had one fucking job”.

“Who the fuck do you even contact about this,” he asks as he screams around his house, even directing the anger at Gerald, his pet piñata who he has a very love/hate relationship with.

If you’ve been exposed to Francis’ ridiculous Instagram antics before you’ll know to take this with a grain of salt but if not you’ll likely believe this man needs serious help.

Either way, congratulations on your platinum record certificatoin, Dillon.


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Watch: Dillon Francis, DJ Snake – Get Low

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