Dillon Francis Has Some Choice Words For Those Who Ask Questions Without Googling First

Dillon Francis is one of the funniest artists going around but amongst the laughs, even he can lose his tether sometimes it seems.

The US producer and DJ was perplexed when a fan slid into his DMs asking what day he plays Las Vegas festival EDC.

It’s hard to understand why anyone would do this because it takes as much effort to DM him as it would take to look it up for yourself and you have to wait for his response whereas Google searches in under a second.

The fan got a response from Francis but it probably wasn’t what they expected.

“There’s a thing called Google and you can type that exact thing question into it and get an answer,” he wrote.

“It’s pretty amazing what the internet has to offer in terms of information also while ur at it type in cake farts you’ll love it very informative video.”

For the record, we typed in cake farts and we would not recommend it. Our internet history now needs a good cleanse.

So, we’ve all learnt something to do. Google everything before you answer any questions.

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