Watch DJ Khaled Go Undercover As A Lyft Driver, Surprise Fans With The Keys To Life

DJ Khaled has gone undercover as a Lyft driver — that’s a similar thing to an Uber driver — in New York City, surprising a bunch of lucky fans in the process.

DJ Khaled, or in this case “Billy” the Lyft driver who also works as a locksmith on the side, managed to fool a handful of his passengers, while others knew who he was the second they climbed inside his car.

Video of DJ Khaled’s Lyft trip (below) sees him drop a bunch of references to his lyrics, including, “I got all the keys. Keys to everything,” and, “The key is not to get in a car accident. The key is to look out for everybody’s safety.” He also discusses his fave pass times, such as jet skiing and the daily taming of his beard.

Towards the end of their rides, Khaled pushes for his passengers to talk about their favourite artists. After one woman mentions her love of DJ Khaled’s Snapchats, Khaled tears off his hat and sunnies to reveal his smiling famous face. Squealing ensues.

Watch DJ Khaled pose as a Lyft driver, below.

Watch: Undercover Lyft with DJ Khaled

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