Image: YouTube / Social Repose

Watch Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ Get Remixed Into 10 Heavy AF Styles

Drake‘s Hotline Bling has been mashed up many, many times, but it’s finally been given 10 super-heavy makeovers the world didn’t know it needed.

Social Repose, aka US muso Richie Giese, has captured himself performing Hotline Bling (sans Drake’s dorky dancing) in 10 alternative styles, including metalcore, emo, goth, nu-metal and scenecore.

The resulting video, which is available below, scores a perfect 10 out of 10 Drakes on our unofficial ‘Drake Scale’, especially because it’s packing a GODDAMN TERRIFYING deathcore version which might just give you nightmares.

Giese’s 10 fresh and heavy AF takes on Hotline Bling (below) are so on point that we’re hoping Drake is considering a change in his musical direction, towards one that’s a little more brutal. Actually, Drake, how about a Social Repose collab?

Fair enough.

Watch: Drake – Hotline Bling (Performed in 10 Alternative Styles)

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