Watch Cool President Barack Obama Dance To ‘Hotline Bling’ With Usher At The White House

In news that will make you weep for Barack Obama‘s presidency coming to an end, the outgoing POTUS has been filmed boogieing down to Drake‘s 2015 mega-hit Hotline Bling at the White House.

Oh, and did we mention that the person filming it was fkn Usher?

Ending his presidency the same way that it began – in style – Obama showed off some of his best d-moves to the Drizzy banger his final ever musical event as Prez, BET’s Love and Happiness bash.

The Courtney Barnett-loving Preezy apparently also dabbed with Usher in the middle of the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue dancefloor and at one point joked: “There will be no twerking tonight. At least not by me. I don’t know about Usher.”

So before we’re thrust into the dystopian hellworld that a Trump or Clinton presidency will inevitably engender, enjoy one last grin as you watch the O-man try to nail Drake’s dorky side-step d-moves from the Hotline Bling clip.



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