Watch: Eddie Vedder – Sleeping By Myself

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has got back in touch with his ukelele mojo – releasing a video for a song off his solo album from last year which revolved around the instrument.

Classic Rock reports the video for Sleeping By Myself shows a ukulele being built from start to finish, serving as somewhat of a tribute to the instrument Vedder fell in love with when he was on a surfing holiday a few years back.

In 2011 he told the Seattle Times: “As far as inanimate objects being friends goes, I think it (the ukelele) is right on the list. My ukulele is a work of art. It’s going to live long after me.”

Vedder became fond of the instrument after he began busking outside the ‘drug store’ where he bought the ukelele, and pedestrians began throwing coins into the case as they passed by.

“It was immediate gratification that maybe I could go places with this thing. This little four-string songwriting tool started changing the way I brought songs to Pearl Jam.”

Vedder’s currently making his way around the US doing a series of solo shows with the instrument. Watch the video for Sleeping By Myself below:

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