Watch Fat Mike Get The Shin Kicked Out Of Him Backstage In Sydney

Last week NoFx frontman Fat Mike kicked a hapless stage invader right in the kisser after the fan got a little too up close and personal during the California punk bands’ gig at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre on Wednesday, 5th November.

A couple of nights later, Mike made amends by inviting the fan, named Alex, back to the Enmore to join the band onstage, hang with NoFX backstage, and bequeath onto him a rather amusing t-shirt commemorating the kickening.

Yet we now know Mike went even one step further in his efforts to apologise, allowing Alex to deliver a revenge kick. TMZ obtained footage shows a fairly stagey scene with Mike apologising to Alex, thanking him for being a “good sport” about the whole kick thing, and offering him a beer, as promised.

The NoFX singer then asks the boot-clad fan to kick him back in an effort to make things even-Stevens, offering up his shin. Alex seems to have no qualms about it and winds up his boot before Fatty and his bandmates think better of it.

Realising he’s in for a world of pain, Mike requests Alex remove his boot and put on a slipper. Alex does so, but still manages to drop a pretty stiff kick to Mike, who cries out and clutches his shin in pain before the two hug it out. Doesn’t it make ya feel all warm and tingly?

When Fat Mike originally lashed out, the frontman was suffering from neck pain which was aggravated by Alex putting his arm around him. Fan footage has emerged of Mike explaining to fans, twice, that he was suffering from a hurt neck and asking the crowd to stop hurling things at him.

Sure enough the singer is struck by a beer can and the stage peppered with projectiles throughout the set. Although it doesn’t excuse kicking a fan square in the face, the clip does give a understanding of why NoFX’s main man was fed up by the time the stage invader made his move.

NoFX are currently touring Australia. Full tour details here.

You can watch Alex kick Fat Mike, and NoFX get pelted by beer cans below.

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