Watch Rob Halford Of Judas Priest Kick A Phone Out Of A Fan’s Hand

It’s a divisive issue in the live gig industry: fans using their phones to film at gigs. Some bands are all for it with dots for Instagram stories the day after a show, re-storying all of their mentions. Others plead between songs for everyone to put their phones down and just enjoy the ~moment~.

Judas Priest‘s Rob Halford on the other hand, has clearly had enough of it. Footage (shot on a phone, lmao) shows Halford kicking a fan’s phone out of their hands during ‘Judas Rising’ with his leather boot. The kick is pretty spot on and very satisfying to watch.

Funnily enough, another fan can be spotted nearby in the clip, also filming on their phone and they continue to do so after old mate’s phone goes flying.

The show was earlier this week in Rosemont, Illinois. According to Blabbermouth, “Halford’s frustration appeared to stem from the fact that the fan had turned the “light” on his camera on while filming the show, making it harder for the singer to focus on his performance.”

While the kick is super impressive — as is his dedication to continue singing while he does it — the phone does projectile into the air… fingers crossed no other punters were harmed during Halford’s snap.

Watch the clip down below.

Judas Priest are currently working on their follow up to last year’s release Firepower, read about it here.

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