Watch Foo Fighters Lead Crowd In A Singalong Dedicated To A Drunk, Naked Fan’s Man Boobs

Just when you think Foo Fighters‘ live show could’t get any more epic, from jamming with members of Queen and Led Zeppelin to rickrolling the Westboro Baptist Church jerks, to broken-legged Dave Grohl making a magnificent comeback entrance astride a mother fucking Iron Throne of rock, they go and improvise a song about man boobs.

And not just any man boobs. The free-flapping man boobs of a drunk, naked dude in the crowd at their show in the UK’s Milton Keynes, standing atop his “girlfriend’s” shoulders.

It all went down after Grohl introduced drummer Taylor Hawkins to sing Cold Day In The Sun to the crowd, and spied the proudly bare-titted nudist in the audience, quipping: “I think what you should do is get them all to warm up their voices a little bit, like that bare-tittied adult in the fuckin’ middle of the crowd right there.”

Hawkins responded: “Oh, this is for Bare Titty, there he is right there.”

The drummer then began to lead the crowd in a re-enactment of Queen legend Freddie Mercury’s famed crowd call-and-response bit, but improvising lyrics about the bare-nipped bandit on the fly, which the crowd chanted back at him with clear gusto.

Grohl then told the Tit Man: “Your fuckin’ tits are so cold right now, I know they are. You’re having fun though, right? Just keep drinking buddy, just keep fuckin’ drinking, keep going, play through! There he is, I love you man! There you go. We’ll go have some mulled wine after, how ’bout that?”

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He later added: “Dude, your girlfriend’s strong! I don’t know what’s going on out there, but you’ve been up there for like three minutes now!”

As Ultimate Guitar points out, said “girlfriend” actually turned out to be old mate’s best friend, Matt, “the unsung hero of the moment”.

The owner of the man boobs has also since been ID’d on social media as a chap named Aaron.

Aaron now joins the ranks of some of the most famous fans to inadvertantly steal the spotlight on the Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways tour, including this drunk crying man, this man celebrating his 50th birthday, this random guy and Dave Grohl’s leg doctor.

Enjoy the footage below.

Watch: Taylor Hawkins Sings To Tit Man With Dave Grohl

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