Watch Gameplay From An Unreleased Metallica Video Game

It’s a little known fact that before Metallica featured in their special edition Guitar Hero: Metallica, they were set to have their very own vehicular combat video game called Damage Inc.

Now, PtoPOnline has uploaded a gameplay video from an early version of the game which was originally meant to be released on PS2, Xbox and PC.

The trailer for the game was released around about the time Metallica put out their 2003 album St. Anger, with an original release for the game touted for 2005.

“The game was to be a post-apocalyptic action adventure game,” reveals researcher Andrew Borman in the video. “At the heart of the game is vehicular combat. There are a few base model vehicles in the game, each customised with different weapons and armour.

The game apparently took cues from other titles released around the same time including Max Max, Blade Runner and Waterworld.

“Where Damage Inc. varies from other titles in the genre is that you weren’t locked into the vehicle based on the character you chose. Instead, you could hop out of your car and take over other cars that are just sitting idly by.”

Watch: Damage Inc – The Cancelled Metallica Game

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