WATCH: Metallica Play Secret ‘Kill ‘Em All’ Show At Their Own Festival

If it looks like Metallica, sounds like Metallica, and plays Kill ‘Em All in its entirety, it might actually be Dehaan. The metal legends secretly took to the stage at their own Orion Music + More festival in Detroit yesterday under the fake name, surprising punters who weren’t expecting to see them play until the second day of the event.

Frontman James Hetfield took to the Damage Inc. Stage to introduce Dehaan, saying that all that was known of the mystery band was that they were from Baltimore. But instead of vacating, Hetfield’s bandmates then joined him, tearing into their seminal debut album Kill ‘Em All in full, playing classics like Hit the Lights and The Four Horsemen and having the small crowd swell as word-of-mouth spread around the festival.

The name Dehaan is a reference to actor Dane DeHaan, the star of the band’s upcoming 3D film, Metallica Through the Never, which has been described as “half concert, half movie” by the actor himself and will be released on Netflix at some time in the near future.

WATCH: Metallica play secret show

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