Watch The ‘Generic Inspirational’ Olympic Anthem Triple J Listeners Helped Write, Feat. Flight Facilities & Kira Piru

Forget the deadly virus outbreaks, sewerage-polluted waters, political corruption scandals, doping disqualifications and mass athlete withdrawals, the 2016 Rio Olympics are here and it’s time to be inspired by astonishing feats of sports-based prowess!

And what’s a dose of Olympic inspo without a rousing anthem about rising up to the challenge of your rivals, getting knocked down and getting back up again, or being the best… around? (Nothing’s gonna ever keep ya down!)


Luckily, triple j have got us covered.

With the help of their vast listenership, the j’s have compiled an Olympic theme choon for the ages, complete with an epic all-slow-motion singalong video.

Basically, hosts Veronica and Lewis put the call out to listeners regarding the main musical traits that a hypothetical soundtrack to the famed post-Games slow-mo highlights reel might need, and together, they formed the following set of recommendations:

☑ A slow build-up

☑ Vangelis synths

☑ The words dream, fire, bird, rise, inspiration and hero

☑ Something about hurdles

☑ Claps

☑ Epic female vocals

☑ Fade-in commentary (provided by listeners)

☑ The line from the Pokémon theme song “I wanna be the very best / Like no one ever was”

Then, with the help of some A-Grade Aussie talent in the form of Flight Facilities and Kira Puru, jjj were able to smash together a masterpiece, which they dubbed Generic Inspirational Song, and then later re-dubbed Girt By Champions.

Watch below/eat your heart out Katy Perry.

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