Triple J Darwin Accidentally Blasts Thornhill Riff For Five Hours In Glorious Technical Stuff-Up

Unsuspecting triple j listeners in Darwin were treated to five hours of crushing metalcore riffage on Sunday morning, in what could be referred to one of the greatest technical balls-ups in the history of Australian radio.

The official word from jjj HQ is that a switching error occurred while Melbourne act Thornhill’s track ‘Lily & The Moon’ was getting a spin during the changeover to daylight savings at 4am, triggering the intro riff to play on a loop. For almost five hours.

“The Northern Territory doesn’t mess around with daylight savings,” triple j Content Director Ollie Wards commented. “So while some states had a nice soft sleep in on Sunday, we figured our hardcore listeners in the NT would be up for some metalcore. On repeat. All morning.”

After being informed of the hilarious glitch, Thornhill themselves tweeted: “triple j broadcasting fucked up the other night because of the daylight savings changeover and they played the lily & the moon intro riff for almost 5 hours straight lmaaaooo”

So there you have it. Daylight savings + Thornhill = a rupture in the space-time continuum/delay unit feeding triple j NT resulting in a 300-minute metal loop.

Listen to the now iconic riff — and, if you like, the full song — taken off Thornhill’s debut album The Dark Pool, in all its glory below.

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