Watch Ghost Perform With A Children’s Choir & Army Of Nuns In Epic Hellfest Finale

Satan-worshipping Swedish heavy metal band Ghost have taken their church-themed live show to the next level, with the addition of a fully-blown children’s choir.

At France’s Hellfest, the scene was set with large stained glass windows installed behind the band, plus smoke and eerie lighting, dramatic costumes and creeptastic masks.

But that wasn’t enough for the demonic anti-Popers. When they closed their show with Monstrance Clock, they brought out a choir of actual children and theatrically elevated them up and out of the smoke until they towered above the band. The kiddies were also joined in song by Ghost’s very own Nuns, Sisters of Sin.

The whole crowd got involved, as Ghost encouraged them to sing along with the choir “Come together, together as one / Come together, for Lucifer’s son”.

In a final bid farewell, Ghost’s relatively new leader, Papa Emeritus III, then advised everyone to “have a blessed ride home and when you do get home, don’t forget to fuck each other!”

Check out the unholy footage below (from about the 57 minute mark).

FYI Ghost are also set to release their very own Halloween-specific masks.

Choose from Papa Emeritus featuring his signature face paint and Pope hat sporting the band’s emblem, or one of the Nameless Ghouls, painted silver with a pointy chin and short horns. Check out prices here.


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